«The bitterness of poor quality remains long
after the sweetness of low price is forgotten»
Benjamin Franklin

Basalt fiber


Basalt chopped strands are short extracts of basalt fiber, used for the reinforcement of binder mixtures. Chopped strands are produced from roving with is chopped at special choppers. Russian Basalt manufactures chopped strands in compliance with the Technical specification ТУ-5752-002-91341008–2012. To order chopped strands, find characteristics and price - please contact us.


Chopped strands parameters:

  • Material - basalt rock;
  • Application - reinforcement;
  • Description - chopped roving of continuous basalt fiber;
  • Color - dark-olive;
  • Odor - inodorous;
  • Monofilament diameter - 13 - 17 mkm;
  • Chop length - 6 - 72 mm;
  • Operation temperature - from -260 to +700 Celsius degrees;
  • Humidity - 0.1 - 8%;
  • Type of sizing - water-compatible;
  • Packing - polypropylene bags;
  • Packing weight - 10, 20, 500 kg.

Depending on the application of the ready product the strands are chopped either from wet roving (water content is around 8 to 10%) covered by water-compatible sizing or dry roving (water content is 0.5 to 0.8%) covered by hydrophobic sizing.

Wet chopped strands are used for some technologies of concrete reinforcement. For such applications water-compatible sizing is necessary for better distribution of strands monofilaments in matrix.

Dry chopped strands are generally used in automotive industry for production of break pads and for production of needle-punched mats. For such applications it is critically important that strands would remain glued during processing and not disintegrate into monofilaments.

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