«The bitterness of poor quality remains long
after the sweetness of low price is forgotten»
Benjamin Franklin

Modern Technology

Methods of continuous basalt fiber manufacturing were developed several years ago, but due to the complicity of production process only some companies dare to manufacture it.


Scientific research

To improve and develop continuous basalt fiber production technology we collaborate with the scientists of leading research institutions. One of the results of our mutual work is a unique sizing, which improves sticking separate fibers with each other, protects primary yarn from wearing and tearing and prevents build–up of static electricity.

The most up-to-date equipment

We use only up-to-date equipment for manufacturing continuous basalt fiber. We work with the suppliers from Europe, America and Japan. It guarantees the highest quality of the fiber produced.


Green products

Due to modern technologies we can organize our production process to be environmentally safe. In the production cycle in the company Russian Basalt water is recycled and cleaned. All the consumption systems are energy-saving and energy-effective.

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