«The bitterness of poor quality remains long
after the sweetness of low price is forgotten»
Benjamin Franklin


Development of the current technology demands new materials, which have little volume weight, high strength performance, filter and absorbing capabilities and are able to stand high and low temperatures and aggressive environment. One of the materials meeting these requirements is continuous basalt fiber (CBF). Materials based on CBF have the following advantages: porosity, vapour permeability, heat- and chemical resistance.

Primary application:

  1. Assembled twisted yarn;
  2. Assembled roving;
  3. Chopped strands;
  4. Basalt fabrics;
  5. Geotextile for road reinforcing;
  6. Basalt fiber reinforcement for concrete constructions;
  7. Basalt fiber composite pipes.

Continuous basalt fiber is used in the following spheres:


Thermal insulation of heat-treatment machinery and thermal pipes.

Aerospace industry

Heat-sound-insulating linen, jacketed with waterproof cloth for heat- and sound insulation of the engines, airframe and sound insulation of the gas dynamic facility exhaust line. Fire resistant insulation of airborne portions; sound insulation in production plants mufflers; braking pads.

Shipbuilding industry

Heat- and sound insulation of the equipment, construction materials, minor ship building - ship frames and superstructure.

Rail industry

Heat- and sound insulation of carriages, reinforcement of the construction plastics, non-combustible composite materials.

Automotive industry

Heat-sound-insulating material for vehicle mufflers, panels, heat insulating cushion, screens, plastics, reinforcing material for brake pads and clutch plates, construction plastics, non-combustible composite materials, cord for vehicle tires and other materials.

Power energy

Heat insulation of thermal equipment of boilers, turbines. Electrical insulating materials for primary transmission lines, bluff bodies and antennas production. Wind power blades.

Chemical and oil industry

Production of chemical-resistant pipes, protective coatings, non-combustible composite materials. CBF filters are used for cleaning effluent gases from dust and industrial wastes.

Electronics industry

Reinforcing material with high temperature characteristics and stable dielectric indices for circuits and electronic frames production.

Public services 

Materials for filters of the effluent treatment facility. Tanks and pipes for sewage and water supply. Non-pressure pipes for drainage systems and waste chutes.

Metal industry

Heat-insulating materials for heat insulation, thermal equipment, heat exchangers, pipelines, supply lines. Filters for dust exhaust fumes on mining and processing works and metal plants, effluent filter, filters for liquid-oxygen plants.

Low-temperature plants and equipment

Heat-insulating materials for condensed gases, liquid oxygen (is used as an efficient material for low-temperatures.)

Construction materials production 

Construction and decorative laminates, reinforcing mats;

Basalt-plastic reinforcement for building bridges, tunnels, rail strippers;

Reinforcing materials for manufacturing bituminous concrete surfaces of the roads, structural blocks and foam-concrete materials;

Hydraulic engineering - reinforcing materials for piers, materials for ground flooding;

Building of harbour and offshore installations - reinforcing and construction materials.







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